Meet Peach: The ABC's of Confidence Join Peach at Eleanor’s Place for a fun evening of connection and learning followed by a Sip and Shop! 
Grab your friends to gather in community to learn, grow and connect. Join us in a mini workshop from Peach’s Head of Field Development, Bevin Mugford focused on unleashing your inner confidence!
During this interactive workshop, we will learn how flexing the muscle of confidence instead of worrying about shortcomings allows us to turn off the negative voices in our heads while developing deeper bonds with each other.
During our conversation, we will also delight you with the start-up story of Peach, the Boston-based fashion start up taking the athleisure world by storm! Find out how Culture & Community has put us at the top of the charts as we activate our mission through this workshop.
Following the session, mingle with guests, sip, enjoy lite bites and shop Peach’s latest collection! (with a special discount for all attendees )
We hope to see you there!

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