Parenting in a Pandemic Hi, Mom - How’s it going??  

We are 7 months into this pandemic, and while it MAY start to feel normal, there are still a lot of questions arising – can my son play sports? Is the school doing enough to protect?  Is my daughter depressed? All questions that have serious health implications on our loved ones and community.  

So how do we navigate this new normal?

Join Eleanor’s Place Founder Jennifer Morgan as she moderates a conversation with Dr. Darria Long, an ER physician, author and TV contributor, and Dr. Megan McSwain, Registered Art Therapist and Licensed Professional Counselor with a Master’s in Psychology, covering all of this, and more.  They will be available to answer your questions LIVE on the topic!

If you can't make it during the time of the event, don't sweat it and grab a ticket anyway! We will be sending out the recording afterwards to everyone that purchased a ticket so you can listen later or again & again.

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