Educate & Empower: Your Pelvic Floor Health and Postpartum Body Yes, it’s taboo to talk about…but that’s exactly why we should! Postpartum bodies and pelvic floor health. What’s normal?  What’s not?  What can we do about it?  Join Dr. Katie Moise of ATL Pelvic Health to teach us and discuss how to heal our bodies throughout pregnancy and postpartum. Postpartum is forever, but we don’t have to suffer forever!

The second event of our Women's Wellness Month! This event is available in-person (15 person limit) or on Zoom. Please make sure you choose the correct ticket option for how you are planning to attend.

In partnership with Helping Mamas, we will also be collecting period products & supplies for women who are unable to get to or afford basic women necessities. Please bring some products to donate if you feel so inclined.

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