Rocket Mah Jongg Advanced Beginner Class The 3 week session will be held at Eleanor’s Place Sundays from 3:00pm – 5:00pm  beginning May 7th.

Learn the American version of the fun, challenging, social tile game, Mah Jongg, in a *Advanced*beginner class which will cover:
  • Advanced Beginner American Mah Jongg –
    This three session class picks up right where our beginner class left off – if you didn’t take our beginner class, the pre-requisites are:
    • Able to identify the tiles, suits, matching dragons, neutral tiles
    • Understand the terms pair, pung, kong and quint
    • Familiar with the NMJL card and how to build hands
    • Understand general rules for Jokers (where you can use them and how to exchange them)
    • General rules of play
  • What we will cover:
    • The first class will start with a rule review, and a deep dive into the 2023 card
    • The second class will do a detailed strategy lesson on the Charleston
    • Third class will go over early, middle and late game strategy
    • These sessions are set up as a mini-tournament (play for chips, prizes for top chip values at the end of third class)
    • Lots of practice playing on some of our favorite tile sets!

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